Leonardo D’Imporzano Beuchat brand ambassador

Leonardo D’Imporzano Beuchat brand ambassador

We are proud to introduce Leonardo d’Imporzano as new Beuchat brand ambassador.

When we started to talk with Leonardo we have the immediate feeling to have the same vision, the same will to act for the sea.
For Beuchat it is essential that our brand ambassador share our vision of TO ENJOY AND PROTECT THE SEA and our values.

Our values, which are Passion, Innovation, Quality and Commitment, are a fundamental component of our DNA. They lie at the heart of our brand and represent a guiding light for everything we do, whether in the design of our products or in our commitment to marine conservation.

Our brand mission, to enjoy and protect the sea, expresses our desire to develop products that will allow as many people as possible to enjoy, discover, love the sea and to protect the marvellous but fragile universe that is the sea.

Regarding Leonardo d’Imporzano we have no doubt that he will be a good ambassador of our brand values and brand mission in order to help spread the word about our brand and message in Italy and abroad.

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