How to disinfect your inflatable buoy, swimboard or your Kaysup


Swimboards and the Kaysup are sizeable items. They must be disinfected by spraying and vigorous brushing as they cannot be immersed in disinfectant solution.

Disinfectant products & precautions for use - click on this link:

Before disinfecting remove the various attachments elements and the flag mast, open the zip fastenings and pockets so that the disinfectant solution penetrates fully... 

For the inflatable buoy, deflate it and close the plug, remove the flag and fully immerse all the elements (line, snap hook, flag, whistle, etc.).

Generously spray the entire Swimboards or Kaysup with the solution for the time indicated on the disinfectant product while brushing vigorously with a soft bristle brush. Slide the zip fastenings up and down several times and brush them to ensure that the solution penetrates throughout, particularly in the pockets, and remove any deposits of salt or sand.

After disinfecting, rinse with clean, cold water and allow to dry in a dry place, out of the sun and not in contact with any other potentially contaminated surface. If you wish, you may now deflate, fold and put away your Swimboards or Kaysup in a clean place to avoid any potential reinfection.

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