Begin scuba diving

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Decision made, you finally want to discover the treasures of the underwater world! Scuba diving is obviously your entrance door.

Here are some tips to step into it:

Be aquatic
Being used to swimming and to the water is important to start scuba diving in order to save time and enjoy your experience to the fullest. Discover the main equipment (mask, fins, snorkel) thanks to snorkeling sessions is a good idea before going to the second step.

Go to a diving center
It’s their sole purpose!! Their job is to help you discovering the underwater world. They will provide you all the information you need about the activity, the requirements and the courses available to be sure you’ll get the most of your scuba diving experience. Every diving center has a special atmosphere based on friendliness and on the passion of discovering and sharing.

Go for your first dive
The first dive is an easy one… You don’t even need to swim!! There is no better way to discover the amazing feelings of scuba diving! Your diving center will make sure that all the conditions are met for you to enjoy every minute of it! It’s a first step to get familiar with the sport and discover the underwater world.

Find the right equipment
Scuba diving is a sport that requires several gears. And without the right equipment, no dive. Diving centers usually give the possibility to rent the full equipment but having your own is advantageous. You’ll be sure of the fit, settings and comfort to enjoy your dives to the fullest. You can start by buying your own mask, fins, wetsuit and bag and go for a regulator, a buoyancy compensator and a computer when you step up your adventure to the next level.

Get certified
Nothing beats experience!! Especially for an activity like scuba diving. You’ll be able to discover all the treasures our seas, oceans or even lakes have to offer. And to be sure to get the most of it, one solution: dive, dive and dive again! You also can get the higher levels of certifications or take some specialization courses to discover different kinds of scuba diving activities!

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