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Tauchen / Apnoe / Schnorcheln

It’s been 2 years that Olivier Chiabodo, Jean-Pierre Morel and the team are traveling the world looking for the last untouched and unexplored places with the core idea to map this worldwide heritage as it is. More precisely create records about biodiversity, ethnology, archeology and everything that makes the material and immaterial world inherance.

The team travels all around Earth with cutting edge video production equipments to create these outstanding contents and give us an unique view of our planet.
Beuchat and The Explorers are linked by this idea of innovation and exploration and our partnership was a natural continuation. Performances and technics of our equipments allow the scuba diving team of the expedition to dive in the extreme conditions imposed by the environment.
After two successfull expeditions in Polynesia and Arctic, The Explorers are now looking for a new civilization in Honduras. Equipped by Beuchat as usual they will accurately record this unknow history of our planet.

We will follow step by step this amazing adventure on our Facebook Page, stay tuned !

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© Photos : Ben Thouard / The Explorers

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