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  • To enjoy and protect the sea

    Our passion, our brand and our products are inspired by the marvellous but fragile universe that is the sea. However, the underwater world is not just a theatre where we can pursue our dreams. The sea plays a fundamental role in the balance of our eco-systems, so it was natural that Beuchat would always regard a commitment to eco-responsibility, in the conservation and protection of our oceans, as self-evident. Leer más
  • An exceptional know-how in suits

    A BEUCHAT GROUNDBREAK In 1953, Georges Beuchat stamped his brand on the underwater world with an innovation that proved to be a turning point for modern diving. When the first isothermal wetsuit appeared on the market, diving changed forever. Sports divers and spear-fishers, properly protected for the first time, could now live out their...
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  • Oil-free neoprene

    Our environmental commitment is reflected in the choice of materials used for our wetsuits. We use neoprene made from a natural element, limestone, and not from petrochemicals such as standard neoprene. Within such eco-friendly approach we also minimise the use of chemicals during manufacturing and make sure that as much neoprene loss as possible is recycled. Leer más
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L’innovation beuchat

L’innovation est une valeur fondatrice de la marque Beuchat. Son créateur, Georges Beuchat, était un infatigable inventeur qui a fait de la marque éponyme une marque pionnière des activités subaquatiques avec deux inventions majeures : l’arbalète de pêche sous-marine en 1947 et surtout la combinaison de plongée isothermique en 1953. Cette seconde invention représente une véritable révolution qui a permis l’essor de l’ensemble des activités subaquatiques, et a jeté les bases qui font de Beuchat la référence actuelle de la protection thermique.

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