Begin spearfishing

Pesca subacquea

Spearfishing is a timeless activity which. It combines the excitation of the hunt with the pleasure of freediving. It provides amazing feelings and will allow you to deeply discover the marine environment of your spearfishing areas by being part of it. This sport can be seen as difficult and restricted to only a few people.

Here are some tips if you want to take part in this amazing activity:

Be aquatic :

Being used to the marine environment is necessary to start spearfishing. The activity is based on breath holding and you might need a bit of training. A medical check is deeply recommended to be sure you’ll not have any issues with freediving. Snorkeling sessions should help you getting used to freediving and to the basic gears (mask, fins, snorkel).

Find a spearfisher buddy :

It’s the easiest way to start spearfishing. He or she could share with you the basics and help you to quickly improve your level but also to borrow you the equipment you need. You can also learn about their experience of the marine environment. If you don’t find a spearfisher buddy in your inner circle, don’t be shy, get to know a spearfishing club next to your place! And don’t forget the golden rule: never go spearfishing on your own.

Get to know the federations and clubs :

As for the precedent tip, the idea is to benefit from the experience of other spearfishers. You will easily find a spearfishing buddy in the federations and clubs of your area. They will give you all the information you need to improve your level and to respect the marine environment while enjoying your safe spearfishing session.

Train :

Spearfishing is a very complete sport that can be demanding. You’ll not get a perfect catch on your first try (maybe, if you’re lucky !!) but training will help you to improve your techniques, aim and your freediving skills for better results over the time.

Find information on Internet

A quick look to specialized website or social networks of brands and federations will give you a quite good overview of the sport. It’s also a good way to get information about the regulation in the area you’re planning to go spearfishing. Regulations change depending on countries and even depending on local areas. You’ll need information about the authorized catches, species and authorized places before going into the water.

Choose your gear

Spearfishing requires more or less equipment depending on your level, the technique, water temperature… Basic gears will be a speargun, a low volume mask, fins, a snorkel, a security buoy, a wetsuit, gloves and socks, a weight belt, a knife and a bag. For more comfort, you can also get a freediving computer and a board. It’s your call to find the best equipment for you!

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