Cédric Méhu

Cédric Méhu

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Hello Beuchat!

My name is Cédric Méhu, I live in France, I work in the civil service and I do apnea and underwater hunting!



Where does my passion for the sea come from?

I have been passionate about the sea since I was a child! I grew up with the values of responsible fishing and the love of the underwater fauna and flora. I was born in Marseille, my grandfather was an amateur fisherman and my father taught me how to fish underwater from a very young age.

I am still lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world on the edge of the Marseilles creeks. The turquoise of the water soothes me, the blue is my outlet! The pressure of the water while freediving, the beauty of the sea bed and the opportunity to meet an exceptional animal is a passion that I share with love on YouTube.


My first Beuchat gear ?

My first Beuchat gear was an aluminium crossbow, I was 16, it was my birthday present and I remember it like it was yesterday! I still have it in my boat, and even though I don't use it anymore. With a good overhaul I could still use it, but it sure has a lot of sentimental value to me! That's why I'm very proud today to represent Beuchat and to use its equipment!


My favourite Beuchat equipment ?

Today, my favorite equipment is the Beuchat GP1 mask that allows me to fix my camera to share my underwater explorations with you! I love this mask, it's performing and very well thought.


An action for the sea ?

With Beuchat, we share the same values, especially that of living and preserving the sea! I had the chance to participate in the actions of the fishermen of the heart with Mathieu Ferreira. Together we created underwater videos for children and fished for the patients of the Gardanne house and for homeless people. Sharing our passion and the fruit of our fishing with people in need is an action that particularly touches me.

I am also used to collecting plastic waste that pollutes the sea bed during or after each trip. It's a gesture that comforts me, as if we were giving back to the sea what it offers us every day.


Sport praticati : Spearfishing and Freediving


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