Emilio Mancuso

Emilio Mancuso

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Hello Beuchat ! 

My name is Emilio Mancuso, I live in Italy, and I am passionate about diving, snorkeling and hiking!


Where does my passion for the sea come from ? 

I have been passionate about the sea since I was little, and this passion continues to guide all stages of my life. I started diving in 1996, then I became a diving instructor in 2001, and a marine biologist in 2004. I started working for Verdeacqua as a marine biologist in 2004.


My first Beuchat gear ? 

My VX 10 Iceberg... Simply amazing !


My favourite Beuchat equipment ?

My Iceberg Pro Dry suit. It is super easy to put on, comfortable, and it keeps me warm during all my Mediterranean dives, as well as during my winter dives at Lake Como!


An action for the sea ? 

In all my activities and my projects, I try to sensitize people so that they feel involved by the situation of the sea and the next challenges to come. I want people to understand that we are all closely linked to the sea, and this with each passing day

Sport praticati : Diving, snorkeling and hiking


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