Florent Géraud

Florent Géraud




Hello Beuchat!

My name is Florend Géraud, I live in France, I am a nurse anaesthetist and I am a spearfisher ! 



Where does my passion come from ? 

This passion comes from my father who was an underwater hunter, I naturally wanted to follow him and imitate him.


My first Beuchat gear ? 

It was a wetsuit in 2002, I can't remember the name of the model! 


My favorite Beuchat materiel ? 

Marlin Carbon 95, the crossbow that can do everything! 


One action for the sea ? 

For a long time, I help my professional friends when they lose fishing gear (dace, octopus pot, ink).  I try to get rid of the lost nets when possible. 

Sport praticati : Spearfishing, trail, bicycle


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