Jean-Marie Arnaud

Jean-Marie Arnaud




Hello Beuchat ! 

My name is Jean-Marie Arnaud, I live in France, I am a male nurse and a spearfisher ! 


Where does your passion for the sea come from ?

At the age of 11, my godfather introduced me to spearfishing, he was himself a hunter and a competitor.

Your first Beuchat gear ?

A superb Topshot speargun!

Your favorite Beuchat equipment ?

There are several ... the Beuchat Mundial mask, I've had it on my nose for 20 years.

Mundial Carbon LS fins, I hunt lobster at 45 meters with them! And finally, the Hero Aluminum speargun, very light and handy!

An action for the sea ?

As soon as I sail I pick up all the rubbish that float.

Sport praticati : Spearfishing


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