Jean-Marie Salaun

Jean-Marie Salaun




Hi Beuchat!

My name is Jean-Marie Salaun, I live in France, I am a market dealer and a spearfisher ! 



Where does my passion for the sea come from?

I never thought I would make this element my passion... at the age of 4 I was practising apnea alone in the garden pool. Holidays at the sea, fishing on foot and then a move to a house 100m from the water. At the age of 12 I was able to borrow my father's diving gear, although it was too big, but I didn't care because I discovered a new world! My own world, where I forget everything, the colours and the senses are multiplied tenfold, hearing yourself breathe, hearing your heart... you become aware of your body in the water, I was more at ease there than on land! And the animals... magnificent! Today people ask me why I hunt animals if I love them so much? It's an exchange... I only take what will be enough, I clean the environment and make people aware of the preservation of the lung of the earth... the ocean!


My first Beuchat gear ?

Speargun Mundial 75mm     


My favourite Beuchat gear ?

 I have 3 pieces of equipment that I love... the Maxlux S, an incredible visibility! The Elite jacket in 7mm or 8mm which is flexible, warm and resistant despite the smoothness. Finally, the game Hero of crossbows! The Hero Alu up to 100 and then the Hero Carbon in 110 version!    


An action for the sea ?

Living 100m from the sea, I wouldn't say an action but a global context, picking up plastics on the beach, on the car park, in the sea... but the awareness of people to the living beings in the water after fishing is great. Indeed, most people don't know, when we show them they have children's eyes, it's rewarding and it allows to educate the future generations.

Sport praticati : Spearfishing


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