Leonardo D’Imporzano

Leonardo D’Imporzano

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Hello Beuchat !

My name is Leonardo D’Imporzano, I live in Italy, and I practice diving, freediving, snorkeling and swimming in Open Water.


Where does my passion for the sea come from ? 

I live by the sea, in a magical place: The sea here tastes of broom. This is why diving here is unlike any other part of the world. The sense most stimulated by the sea here is smell, triggered by the presence of the land hanging over the water, the suspended lemons, the tenacity of the basil. 


My first Beuchat gear ?

When I was a child, an old mask, which had a large porthole that I used to look along the rocks with a net.


My favourite Beuchat equipment ?

The Zento wetsuit. Very comfortable!


An action for the sea ?

I am the president of an environmental association, 5 Terre Academy since 2007 with which we do many seabed cleaning initiatives, school education. our motion is "at least 3". It means bringing back 3 garbage objects that we find in the sea. I am also the referent of the underwater network of the wwf sub.

Sport praticati : Diving, freediving, snorkeling and swimming in Open Water


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