Pierre Roy

Pierre Roy




Hello Beuchat!

My name is Pierre Roy, and I am a company manager. I am a professional fisherman, designer and manufacturer of eco-designed artificial reefs and eco-designed biomimetic moorings.


Where does my passion for the sea come from ?

I have always been in contact with the sea since my childhood. Hand fishing in water holes, then with a rod and finally underwater fishing took over all other fishing methods.


My first Beuchat gear ?

My first Beuchat gear was the Mundial speargun, the Mundial Elite wetsuit and the Mundial fins and mask.


My favorite Beuchat equipment ?

My favorite hunting gear is the Marlin Revolution speargun, the Espadon Elite wetsuit, Mundial Carbon fins, Maxlux S mask and Activa Tubair snorkels.

I also like the Hero short length speargun up to 1m and longer than 1m such as the Hero Carbon and Hero Revo Concept.


An action for the sea ?

The actions I take to preserve the sea are part of my daily work. I worked on the creation of artificial reefs in the Gulf of Ajaccio in 2017 and we will continue in 2021.

I also worked on the creation of the first eco-designed and biomimetic moorings in the Gulf of Ajaccio, acting as a reef for boats up to 60m. It will be installed in the Gulf of Ajaccio in 2021.

Finally, I am working on the project of 16 dead bodies in the Bonifacio reserve for boats up to 120 m.

Sport praticati : Spearfishing


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