Romain Rodriguez

Romain Rodriguez




Hello Beuchat!

My name is Romain Rodriguez, I live in the south of France and I practice spearfishing!



Where does my passion for the sea come from ?

It comes to me from a young age, it started with rod fishing with my grandfather. Following this my curiosity led me to put my head under water and since then I can not do without this contact with the underwater world.


My first Beuchat gear ?

A Marlin speargun


My favourite Beuchat equipment ?

The Beuchat Hero Carbon speargun


An action for the sea ?

At each outing I try to collect the waste that I come across underwater, and in the future, having more time, I would like to create days for cleaning the seabed and educate our children about the protection of the sea

Sport praticati : Spearfishing


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