Beuchat expertise

The sea, and in particular the underwater world, is a tremendously demanding environment for both humans and equipment. As specialists, we are fully aware of how vital quality is for our products. Quality guarantees performance, toughness and reliability in a hostile universe. That's why we go to such lengths to maintain the highest level of performance at each stage in our design and manufacturing processes. Though product quality is essential for us, quality of service is just as vital and we aim each day to exceed expectations in our relations with our customers and with all who use our products.

Designed in France

Our models are all styled in our design office in Marseilles by our team of designers and pattern-cutters.

French expertise in this area is acknowledged all around the world. Our exclusive designs play a vital role in the comfort and in the flawless quality of our apparel.

Close attention to finishes

All these innovations stem from our dedication to providing improved comfort and performance for underwater sports enthusiasts. These values, along with our capacity for innovation, have always been in the DNA of the Beuchat brand.

That's why the assembly of our suits is one of our great strengths. We also take the greatest care in finishing our suits. Our finishes reflect the high quality of our manufacturing processes and play an essential role in the thermal protection, comfort and durability of our apparel.

Elaskin X

Beuchat Elaskin X neoprene is the result of Beuchat's wealth of experience as the originator of underwater sportswear more than 60 years ago. Elaskin X combines high performance, smart buoyancy, outstanding softness and excellent thermal protection.

Elaskin is an essential component in our equipment and is used across our product range. Elaskin procures improved ease of movement, not only for scuba divers, but also for snorkellers, spearfishers, free divers, open sea swimmers and triathletes.

Research and development

Our attentiveness to the way diving practice is developing has always enabled us to offer products that have become benchmarks in their markets such as the Focea Comfort 6, the Alize, the Optima, the Espadon Prestige, the Espadon Elite or the Zento.

Beuchat has a long record of producing aquatic sportswear at the highest level, associated with a constantly diversifying range of dive accessories.

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