• Tutorial Swimming with fins @ValentinGalliero

    A good finstroke is above all a movement that starts from the hips. We just see too often swimmers bending their knees! This mistake doesn't allow the fin to be 100% functional. In order to know if you're using your fins correctly, try to do some pratice at the pool by swimming on the surface, on your back, with a swimming board on your legs... if your knees touch the board, well that's not good! The finstroke is a very technical gesture that may require hours of training!...
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  • DEMA SHOW 2018

    We were present at the DEMA show 2018 in Las Vegas. A trade fair where Beuchat presented its 2019 new products. Neoprene, BC's, fins, masks, snorkels... A 2019 year that promises to be rich in new products !
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  • To enjoy and protect the sea

    Our passion, our brand and our products are inspired by the marvellous but fragile universe that is the sea. However, the underwater world is not just a theatre where we can pursue our dreams. The sea plays a fundamental role in the balance of our eco-systems, so it was natural that Beuchat would always regard a commitment to eco-responsibility, in the conservation and protection of our oceans, as self-evident. Read more

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