• To enjoy and protect the sea

    To enjoy and protect the sea

    Our passion, our brand and our products are inspired by the marvellous but fragile universe that is the sea. However, the underwater world is not just a theatre where we can pursue our dreams. The sea plays a fundamental role in the balance of our eco-systems, so it was natural that Beuchat would always regard a commitment to eco-responsibility, in the conservation and protection of our oceans, as self-evident.

    This approach is materialised by the measures taken within our company and through our support for specialised outside stakeholders who adhere to our own environmental standards.
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  • Suits


    All our patterns are styled in our design office in Marseilles by our team of designers and pattern-cutters. French expertise in this area is acknowledged all around the world. Our exclusive patterns play a vital role in the comfort and performance of our suits, and thus make an important contribution to their quality.
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our latest success

  • Choosing a spearfishing bag

    The ideal solution for transporting your spearfishing gear, including your freediving fins, is a backpack. The Beuchat Mundial Backpack 2 is specially designed for the needs of spearfishers; it comprises a side fixing system for two spearguns and a main compartment with a mesh airing bag and drainage eyelet, perfect for storing even long fins. Read more
  • Choosing a buoy or a spearfishing float

    When spearfishing, it is important to indicate your position by a floating object that is clearly visible on the surface, especially to passing boats. The simplest solution is a brightly coloured spearfishing buoy, on which you can also store any spearfishing accessories you don’t need during the dive. If you are diving from the shore, choose a double envelope signalling buoy, which offers better resistance to rocks. The Guardian PVC canvas spearfishing float achieves the...
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  • Choosing weights for freediving and spearfishing

    Freedivers use lead weights to reach the required depth as quickly as possible. These weights can be strung on a Beuchat Marseillaise belt or a belt with a quick release buckle, so that they can be released quickly and easily if necessary. Another solution is a harness, offering better protection for the back and especially the lumbar region. Harnesses exist in strap versions or in the form of weighted neoprene vests; further weights can be added on the belt. The weight of...
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Innovation by Beuchat

Innovation is a founding value of the Beuchat brand. Georges Beuchat was a prolific inventor who made his eponymous company into a pioneer of underwater sports, in particular through two major innovations: the underwater speargun in 1947 and above all the isothermal wetsuit in 1953. This second invention was truly revolutionary, inducing huge growth in all underwater activities and laying the foundations that have allowed Beuchat to become today’s benchmark brand in thermal protection.

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