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  • LYNX

    The very small internal volume of the Beuchat Lynx mask significantly reduces the amount of effort needed to equalise pressure. This makes the mask more comfortable, and increases the pleasure of your spearfishing or free diving sessions. The strap has a wide rear support band and a micro-adjustment system for closer fitting, better grip and greater comfort. The silicon...
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  • 1947-2017 : 70 years of underwater speargun

    The history of the French brand Beuchat, the French leader in underwater sports, merges with that of underwater fishing. It all started in 1934, in the rocky coves near Marseilles, on the Mediterranean coast of southern France. It's a fascinating story that begins with a keen underwater sportsman, Georges Beuchat, and his desire to communicate his...
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  • Underwater Facebook Live - Interactive dive in Monaco

    Our First  Beuchat Suunto Dive XP  edition has been a great success. It was the World Premiere interactive underwater Facebook Live and a nice opportunity to show the positive impact on the underwater fauna and flora of artificial reefs. We are proud to inform you that we have scheduled a new edition on  October, 18 th  which will take place in Monaco with the participation of our partner the...
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