The protection of your personal data is important to us.

We wish to inform you by this personal data processing policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") in the context of the use of our site, divided into several local sub-domains (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") in accordance with Articles 12, 13 and 21 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the applicable Data Protection Law adopted subsequently.
Personal data means any information relating to a natural person identified or identifiable in accordance with Article 4 of the GDPR, or if applicable the JPPPI, or if applicable the Data Protection Act (hereinafter referred to as the "Data")

1. Data controller

The data controller for your data under the meaning of the GDPR is:
A Simplified Joint Stock Company with a share capital of 5 720 000 euros
Intra-community VAT number: FR 29309719292
Phone number: +33 4 91 09 44 60
Registered with the Marseille Trade and Companies Register under number 309 719 292
Registered headquarters: 34 Avenue de Boisbaudran 13015 MARSEILLE – France

2. Data protection point of contact

The contact details of our data protection point of contact:
Last Name/First name°: Margnat Christophe

3. Purposes and legal basis of Data processing

We collect and process your Data in order to provide you with our Site and to offer you the best possible service.

a. Visiting our Site

You may use the Site without providing any personal information.
If you use our Site for information purposes only, we do not process any Data, with the exception of data transmitted by your browser to enable you to consult the Site and information transmitted in the context of cookies for the purposes of statistical analysis of the use of the Site (see Article 6 below).
We process your Data for the purposes of the technical provision of our Site and its storage on the basis of the following legal grounds:

  • To execute a contract or pre-contractual measures, in the event of consultation of our website in order to inform you about our products, and/or,
  • In pursuit of our legitimate interests, so that we can ensure the technical provision of the Site. It is in our legitimate interest to be able to provide you with an attractive, technically functional and user-friendly Site, to take all measures to protect our Site from cybersecurity risks, and to prevent third parties from being exposed to such risks on our website,
  • Your previously given consent, which you can withdraw at any time by sending an email to,

For more information, please refer to Article 6.
In any event, the retention period for the information thus collected is thirteen months from the insertion of the corresponding cookie, except functional / technical cookies that will only be kept for the time strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the Site.

b. Contact form

You can contact Beuchat Customer service of by:

  • Internet: Through the contact us link on the website
  • Phone: +33 4 91 09 44 60, from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (Paris hours, UTC+1).
  • Post: BEUCHAT INTERNATIONAL – Consumers Service - 34 Avenue de Boisbaudran- CS60270- 13344 Marseille Cedex 15- France.
  • Email: for every question, complaints, personal data protection right:

  • Email:
  • Internet: through the link contact us on the website

If you contact us, you will need to provide your name, email address, telephone number, a copy of your ID (for all questions, complaints, personal data protection rights) along with the message you wish to send us.
The Data is stored with us for the purpose of processing your request and/or in case you have any questions.
Your Data is kept for the duration strictly necessary for the proper management of our commercial relationship and in any event, for a period not exceeding three years from the last request that has remained unanswered by you and in the absence of a request for erasure and/or objection from you in the meantime.
We will not pass on your Data to any third party without your express consent, except as mentioned in Article 5.
We process your Data for the purpose of responding to your requests on the basis of the following legal ground:
- In pursuit of our legitimate interest, this consists of providing appropriate responses to customer requests.

c. Purchases on the Site

If you wish to make a purchase (products and/or services) on our Site, it will be necessary to provide certain mandatory information, including your gender, name, confirmation that you are over 16 years old, postal address, telephone number, email address, preferred sport, password and certain financial information (such as your credit card number or PayPal details) for the payment of the products ordered and the processing of your order.
The information thus provided will be stored on our servers and/or those of our hosting provider. Financial information will be stored with our payment provider: Euro-information. Financial information stored with Euro-information are in highly secured cloned sites following the RGPD regulation. In the event of your information being transferred out of the EU zone, Euro-information pledge to respect the European Union regulation on data protection.
Your Data is kept for the duration strictly necessary for the proper management of our commercial relationship and in any event, for a period not exceeding three years from the last request that has remained unanswered by you and in the absence of a request for erasure and/or objection from you in the meantime except a legal obligation imposing a longer time of period.
However, your credit card number will be kept for a period of 13 months following the debit date or 15 months in the case of deferred debit cards for complaints management. In this case, the data will be kept only in an intermediate archive, for evidence purposes and in case the transaction is disputed.
We will not pass on your Data to any third party without your express consent, except as mentioned in Article 5.
We process your Data for the purpose of handling your orders on the following legal ground:
- In fulfilment of a contract you enter into when you make a purchase.

d. Newsletter subscription

You can subscribe to our newsletter in the relevant section by entering your email address.
To subscribe to our newsletter, and in countries where regulations require it, we use the double opt-in technique. After you have logged on to our Site, you will receive an activation email. You will only be subscribed to the newsletter once you have confirmed the activation link it contains.
We will then regularly send you our newsletter with current information about our products.
Online majority is set at 15 years old and a parental authorisation is needed to subscribe to the newsletter for minors below 15 years old.
Your Data is kept for the time strictly necessary to send this newsletter and in any event for a period not exceeding three years from the date of your registration or from the last request that has remained unanswered by you in the meantime, failing which, you may send an e-mail to or click on the unsubscribe link appearing at the end of each newsletter received by e-mail.
We will not pass on your Data to any third party without your express consent, except as mentioned in Article 5.
We process your Data for the purpose of responding to your requests on the basis of the following legal ground:
- You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending an email to or by clicking on the unsubscribe link that appears at the end of each newsletter.

4. Erasure

Your Data is erased/anonymised as soon as the purpose of its processing has ceased, or no longer exists, i.e. at the expiry of each of the above-mentioned retention periods or when you request its erasure.
Your Data is also erased upon expiry of the aforementioned retention periods, unless it is necessary or legitimate to retain the Data for the signature or execution of a contract, the respect of the applicable law or unless you have given your express consent for it to be retained.

5. Recipient categories

Initially, only our employees are required to process your Data. They are bound by data secrecy and are regularly trained in data protection and data security.
Nevertheless, we may disclose them to other recipients providing us with services in connection with our Site, to the extent permitted or required by law. In this case, we limit the transfer of your Data to what is strictly necessary. On the one hand, our service providers receive your Data as subcontractors, being strictly bound to comply with our instructions regarding the processing of your Data. On the other hand, the recipients process your Data independently, as they are transmitted to them by us.
Please find below the list of categories of recipients who may receive your Data:
- Purchasing: we may communicate information to service providers providing us with services related to the sale on our site, such as a support tool for after-sales service or product personalisation.
- Delivery: we may communicate to an external logistics coordinator certain information that you provide on the Site in order to process and deliver your order.
- Payment: as part of the fight against online payment fraud, we may need to transmit your financial information to an external service provider equipped with an online fraud detection tool in order to authenticate a payment.
- Communication: we may also communicate the information you provide on our Site to third parties who provide services on or to the Site, including but not limited to profiling services/commercial communications that generate traffic to the Site.
- Legal: We may also disclose the information you have provided to us if we believe that disclosure is necessary to comply with applicable law, a subpoena or other legal process.

6. Cookies

The User's consent is formalised when they accept the cookie banner on the pages of the Site and is valid for a maximum period of 13 months from their acceptance of the insertion of the corresponding cookies except functional / technical cookies that will only be kept for the time strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the Site.
The User can decide to block certain types of cookies (see “How do I set these cookies?”).
However, if the User makes this choice, BEUCHAT cannot guarantee optimal browsing and certain services on the Site may also be blocked.

a. What is a “cookie”?
Cookies are files installed on your device (computer, mobile or tablet) when you visit a website or view and advert. Their purpose is to collect information regarding your browsing habits and offer you services and products appropriate to your device and your interests.
Cookies found on the site have a maximum lifespan of thirteen months.
When you visit our website for the first time, cookies may be installed, depending on the cookie preferences you have expressed.
Certain cookies, known as “functional cookies” are automatically installed as they are required in order to provide the service. These cookies do not require prior consent.
We will inform you of the installation of these cookies via the information bar displayed on the page visited. This informs you that by continuing to browse without changing your settings, you consent to the installation of all cookies. If you wish to configure cookie installation, you are invited to click on the link to access settings.
Your choices are not fixed and can be modified at any time by adjusting your cookie settings.

b. What information are collected by cookies?
Cookies save and/or read files in order to get information in relation to your interaction with the website, and particularly to your browsing and your behaviour: your IP address, visited websites, brands which you are interested in, what did you buy, etc…
Within this framework, pending your approval and/or the preferred setting, Beuchat collect and process all or a part of the following information:
Functional Cookies necessary for browsing:
These cookies are files necessary to the rending and the proper functioning of the site. They allow things such as remembering the data from the customer account, saving your cart, and guarantee the security of accounts and carts.
These cookies are automatically stored and it is not possible to alter or refuse their storage because, without them, the site could not rend and/or operate in a normal way.
Advertising Cookies:
It is possible that we include apps, particularly from partner companies, which allow advertising, targeted content in relation with your areas of interest, products that you like.
Analysis, performance and personalization Cookies:
It is possible that we include apps that allow us to analyse, measure the audiences and visits of our websites, establish statistics and carry out checks in the goal, particularly, to optimize our services and/or to better our clients’ knowledge.
It is also possible that we store cookies which allow us to recommend you product or services that you will likely appreciate.
Social media Cookies:
It is possible that we include apps hosted by partners, allowing you to share content from our website with other people or to let other people know what you think or if you want council from them about some content from our site. This is the case of options such as the “share” and “like” buttons from social media such as “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Instagram” etc.
The social media providing such an applicative option is likely to identify you through this button, even if you have not used this button while your visit on our website. Indeed, this type of applicative button can allow the concerned social media to follow your browsing on our website, only by having your account on this social media active in your device while you are on our website.
We have no control on the process used by these partners to collect information in relation to your browsing on our website and no access to the data they have. We encourage you to read the data protection policy of these social media in order to learn about the purpose, particularly advertising wise, of the browsing information they are gathering through these buttons.
c. How do I manage cookies?
There are several ways of managing cookies. Any changes you make to cookies setting may have an impact on your browsing experience and access to certain services that require the use of cookies.

The choices offered to you by our parameter setting tool:
On our Site, we offer a configuration tool that allows you to easily activate or deactivate cookies according to their category. By clicking on the activation/deactivation buttons, you can accept or refuse cookies according to their category.
To access the tool, click on the "Cookie Management" tab at the bottom of the website.
Please note that your choices will only be taken into account when activating/deactivating the selected buttons. If you do not empty your browsing history and your caches at the same time, certain cookies, which were previously deposited, may remain on your terminal.

The choices available to you via your browser:

If you are using Google Chrome you should follow the instructions as follows:

  • Select the Settings menu, then Advanced Settings
  • In the "Privacy and Security" section, click on Site Settings
  • Locate the Cookie menu and select the appropriate options.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox you have to follow the instructions as follows:

  • Select the Tool menu then Options
  • Click on the Privacy icon
  • Locate the Cookie menu and select the appropriate options

If you are using Internet Explorer you must follow the instructions as follows:

  • Select the Tools menu then Internet Options
  • Click on the Privacy tab
  • Select the desired level with the cursor

If you are using Safari you must follow the instructions as follows:

  • Choose Settings menu > Safari,
  • Enable the option Block all cookies or content blocker

If you are using Opera you must follow the instructions as follows:

  • Choose the menu File > Preferences
  • Privacy.

Private browsing

The “Private Browsing” mode offered by all browsers today allows users to browse the web without saving a history of pages visited or downloads. In terms of cookies, any that are installed during your browsing session will be erased when you close your browser. Therefore, it is not a means of refusing cookies, but their lifespan will be limited to the length of your browsing session.

Refusing cookie installation on the site

If you do not want us:
– To collect Data on your browsing habits;
– In cases where you registered via a special marketing campaign, to be able to identify the campaign under which you registered, you may choose below to deactivate all third-party cookies that are not required in order to browse the site. In this case, we will save a cookie on your device with the sole purpose of deactivating the installation of these cookies on your device. This cookie will remain valid for thirteen months.
Please note, processing this request relies on a cookie. If you delete all cookies installed on your device (via your browser), neither we nor our partners will know that you have selected this option.

7. Links

Some areas of our Site may contain links to third party websites. In any case, these websites are subject to their own data protection principles. We are not responsible for their use or processing of Data. If you provide information to or through such third party websites, you should review the privacy policies of such websites before sending them any information that may be associated with you.

8. Data Transfer

The data collected may be processed within the European Union but also outside the European Union (including notably Japan, UK, USA).
In the latter case, BEUCHAT shall take all the necessary steps and precautions with its subcontractors and partners as the possibility to verify the measures taken in order to guarantee an adequate level of protection for your data in accordance with European regulations (signature of the European Commission's "Standard Contractual Clauses" or submission to binding Internal Rules approved by national authorities, Binding Corporate rules…).

9. Security

We have implemented security measures to protect the Data you provide against unauthorised access and use.
All financial information you provide on our Site is stored on the secure site of the financial institution chosen by us. Transactions concluded on our Site are protected by compliance with the PCI DSS security standard.
Please be aware, however, that no Data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure and that all information communicated online may be potentially intercepted and used by persons other than the intended recipient.

10. Rights of the persons concerned

You have the following rights:
Right of access: You are authorised at any time to request confirmation that Data concerning you is or is not being processed; in the event of processing, you are furthermore authorised to receive information concerning the said Data and certain other information (including the purposes of the processing, the categories of Data, the categories of recipients, the intended storage period, the origin of the Data, the use of automated decision-making and, in the event of transfer of Data to a non-Member State, the appropriate guarantees), as well as a copy of your Data.
Right of rectification: You are entitled to request the rectification of any incorrect or erroneous Data.
Right of erasure ("right to be forgotten"): You are authorised, under certain conditions, to ask us to delete your Data as soon as possible. The right of erasure does not apply in particular in the event that the processing of the Data is required for (i) the exercise of the right of freedom of opinion and information, (ii) the performance of a legal obligation to which we are bound (e.g. legal retention obligations) or (iii) the assertion, exercise or defence of legal claims.
Right of restriction: You are entitled, under certain conditions (notably article 18 GDPR), to ask us to restrict the processing of your Data.
Right of portability: You have the right to receive, in a structured, current and mechanically readable format, the Personal Data concerning you that you have made available to us.
Right of objection: Under certain conditions (notably article 21 GDPR), and on the basis of your personal situation, you may object to the processing of your Data. In this case, we will stop processing your Data unless the processing must be continued for legal reasons or for the exercise or defence of our rights within the framework of possible legal/judicial claims.
Right to revoke consent: You have the right to revoke your Data Protection Consent at any time. The revocation of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing carried out pursuant to that consent, until such time as it is revoked. You may exercise these rights by contacting us at
If you have asserted one or more of your rights, we are obliged to inform, where appropriate, all recipients to whom your Personal Data has been disclosed, with your express prior consent, unless this proves impossible or requires a disproportionate effort. You have the right to obtain information about these recipients.

11. Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

Without prejudice to any other administrative or legal recourse, you have the right to appeal to:

  • In France: Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés;
  • In Japan: Personal Information Protection Commission (PPC);
  • In Belgium: Autorité de Protection des Données;
  • In Italy: Garante per la protezione dei dati personali
  • In Germany: Bundesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit;
  • In Portugal: Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados;
  • In Spain: Agencia Española de Protección de Datos;
  • In Austria: Datenschutzkommisson;
  • In Netherlands: Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens;
  • In UK: Information Commissioner’s Office.

The CNIL will inform the person making the complaint of the status and outcome of the complaint, including the possibility of legal recourse in accordance with Article 78 of the GDPR.
However, we recommend that you always address your complaints to our Data Protection Officer beforehand, who will reply to you within two months.

12. Changes and Updates to the Policy

By using the Site, you acknowledge having read this Policy. This Policy reflects the professional practices in force within BEUCHAT and may be modified and updated at any time.

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