Ilaria Molinari

Ilaria Molinari



After winning a world bronze medal and beating several deep-diving records, she now uses a mermaid's tail to share her love of the sea with her students.

Hi Beuchat,

My name is Ilaria Molinari, I'm Italian and I've always had a passion for the sea. I discovered freediving at sea at the age of 21, and since then freediving has become something that has left a deep mark on me and turned into a real passion that will last forever.

Where does your passion for the sea come from?

My family have always loved the sea and passed on this passion to me, my father being a boat and fishing enthusiast and my mother a swimming instructor and marine biologist.


My first piece of Beuchat equipment?

Masks: Maxlux S, Shark ; Snorkel: SPY ;  Zento wetsuit; Fins: Libeccio ; Focus buoy

Favourite Beuchat equipment:

Mask Maxlux S and Libeccio fins! 

Your choices of equipment to equip yourself for diving, among what you already have :

The mask  Maxlux S

What freediving discipline(s) do you practise?

My speciality is constant weight freediving.

What are your records?

    • 59 and 65 metres at constant weight with a single fin (2004, 2005) 
    • 50m constant weight without fins (2015)
    • 71m free immersion (2015)

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start freediving?

Freediving is above all a natural and instinctive activity for human beings, but my advice would be to NEVER dive alone and to take a freediving course so that you can practice freediving with maximum safety and pleasure.

You are the creator of "Metodo Sirenamente", can you tell us a bit more about it?

The "Metodo Sirenamente" is a teaching method designed to train mermaids/tritons: to teach them to move freely in the water while freediving while wearing a mermaid's tail. It's all about learning the basics of freediving, breathing, relaxation and swimming with a single fin.  Priority is given to safety and fluidity of movement before tackling the use of the mermaid tail. 

Once you've learnt the basics of freediving, you can start to build up movements and choreographies that remind you of an 'underwater' dance. The fluidity and beauty of each movement are linked to the well-being and technical precision of the person performing it. The beauty of the movements is not limited to simple aesthetics, but is also the result of an acquired technique. 

Sirenamente also reflects values that are important to me: love and respect for the sea. Each of our actions has an impact on the health of the oceans. It's important to keep this in mind and to do our best to cause as less damage as possible. 

Mermaids and newts symbolise the link between humans and the sea. They represent fantastic creatures that act as intermediaries between these two worlds, since they metaphorically belong to both. Their love and protection extend to both worlds.

These are the messages conveyed during the "Sirenamente" courses and meetings for adults and children.

1 action for the sea (that you usually do, or that you support):

Every time I dive and reach the depths of the sea, if I see any rubbish, I pick it up. Leaving it there is not an option for me, and doing so gives me the feeling that the sea can breathe better, and that makes me feel good.

A little anecdote? 

During a freedive, I noticed a plastic bag floating on the surface. Thinking it was just a plastic bag, I reached down and pulled it towards me to compress it into a ball so that I could stow it in my wetsuit and throw it out of the water later. However, as soon as I pulled the bag out of the water, I was surprised to discover a small fish in front of my mask. The poor little fish was shaking, indicating that it had become trapped in the bag.


Sports practiced : freediving

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