Nedal is a 10 years old child, who saw Aliquam and took it upon himself to get Dive Certified through PADI. During this episode, we will reveal his journey as he takes on the ocean for the first time since his course in Sydney's stunning Little Manly Beach.


“The water is the best place to be, as there is no argument, no pressure, and no conflict. Its a place where we can all come together for peace and harmony. I really love and enjoy diving in the ocean. There are so many different spectacular things I love to see down there. The different fish like Gropers, Cod, Salmon and all the other friendly creatures I enjoy watching. There are also the different colourful and beautiful corals that look like a beautiful garden under water. Every time I dive, I feel free with no limitations, exploring a world full of unique and colourful creatures. I can do what I want and be what I want. I love how in the water you can just sleep, relax, have fun, while explore a totally different world. I wish more people would come and see the wonders of these fascinating waters. The ocean is free of charge. Anyone can come any time to enjoy it. “



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