ALIQUAM III - Episode 3 - Leo


Leo, a 12 years old child embarks on his first adventure below the surface along with his first breath. As a son of UNSW Marine Professor, he has always had a wonderment for the ocean, though never had the chance to Scuba. He will join Dr James Hunter & Kieran Hosty (Renown Marine Archaeologists from the National Maritime Museum & their work on the famed vessel Endeavour), along with conservationist Heather Berry, as they attempt to photograph and survey a semi-submerged anchor in the ocean floor and learn about preservation below the surface.

"As soon as my head fell below the water I felt everything change. I felt pressure come down on me from all sides. Instead of being pinned to the floor by gravity I was being pulled up to the surface and I was working hard swimming to stay at the bottom until I realised that my BCD was too full and I let out some air. 

Then I was relaxed and at ease swimming through the ocean, one of the most important things in our planet. In fact, the ocean is responsible for about 50% of the oxygen produced in the Earth! 

It was an amazing experience being able to see an ancient anchor and observe a tiny seahorse for as long as I wanted to. It was easily a 10 out of 10 experience and I would recommend it to everyone who can."



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