ALIQUAM III - Episode 5 - Bella and Char


16y.o. twins Isabella & Charlotte have been raised in a high achieving environment by very successful and talented parents. Isabella & Charlotte have used the ocean to negotiate their way through their upbringing overcoming challenges together along the way. In another life first, it is time for the identical twins to experience scuba diving together utilising the ocean to unite the family.



"I find so much comfort with being in the ocean and swimming around in the ocean is how I love to spend my recreational time. Getting the opportunity to go scuba diving and seeing all the marine life, will be an experience I will never forget and be forever grateful for. Being able to see the ocean from a different perspective has really changed my view on how important the ocean and all marine life is and how it is so vital that we all take care of it before it’s too late. The ocean provides so much for the world, it was such a magical experience to go under the water and scuba dive around the reefs and see all of its natural beauty."



"Everyone should experience scuba diving at least once in their lifetime. I was given this amazing opportunity to scuba dive with my sister. Taking my first breath underwater was scary because I didn’t know what to expect but seeing my sister do it first calmed my nerves. When I finally surrendered to the underwater experience, I became so calm as the water surrounded me and my thoughts drifted. This experience gave me an awareness of the beauty of what’s below the surface of our oceans and how we need to protect the life below. There are thousands of species of marine life and plants, and we need to be doing more as a whole society to protect this breathtaking environment. Being able to scuba dive gives people a glimpse into the beauty of the underwater world."




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