Ayoze Monzón

Ayoze Monzón




Hello Beuchat!

My name is Ayoze Monzón, I live in Canarias, Spain and I practice spearfishing!



Where does my passion for the sea come from ?

Since I was a child I watched documentaries about the sea and I was fascinated by the scene of the carpenter from Alice in Wonderland putting his head in the water, later I went fishing with my parents with the rod... I started with swimming googles to see the bottom and wen i was about 14 years I had my first mask and tube.

At the age of 16, I used a mundial 75cm. speargun borrowed of my uncle and my first catch was a cuttlefish.



My first Beuchat gear ?

Beuchat mundial 75cm speargun.



My favourite Beuchat equipment ?

Wetsuit Redrock, Speargun Hero 100 cm, mask Maxlux S, Libeccio elite carbon fins, Mundial II knife.



An action for the sea ?

When i go to the wather, always collect a lot of trash and every time i see an animal caught in a illegal fishing net i try to save It if its still alive.

Sports practiced : Spearfishing, freediving, diving, running

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