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Every year, tons of used neoprene suits become non-recyclable waste. Indeed, neoprene clothing wears out, tears, cannot be repaired and is therefore no longer effective for diving and snorkelling activities...  Although our wetsuits are made from eco-friendly neoprene derived from limestone, neoprene waste is not recyclable and takes thousands of years to disintegrate.

Living and preserving the sea are the values that drive us every day. We have been looking for a way to recycle used neoprene wetsuits.


Upcycling: From wetsuit to Tote bag 2nd life!

The principle of upcycling is to give a second life to a material that has already had a first use on another type of product. At Beuchat, we give a second life to neoprene wetsuits, snorkeling wetsuits, ....

We cut pieces from old wetsuits, then we reuse them to make a new object: the Tote Bag 2nd life!

Each bag is unique because it comes from an old wetsuit and it is eco-friendly!


 Schéma des différentes manières de porter le Tote Bag 2dd Life BeuchatTote Bag or Backpack? Both! 

It can be worn on the shoulder or as a backpack.

For use as a rucksack, we have implemented a system of sliding straps and snaps to fix the straps at the right length.

The bag closes at the top with a snap.



The integration workshop La Ficelle as a partner

The transformation operations are carried out by a reintegration workshop located in Marseille.

La Ficelle sets up social and professional integration activities in order to promote parity between men and women, to facilitate access to employment, to work towards the autonomy of the people welcomed, but also to improve the living conditions of women through the manufacture of textile products and manual work.

La Ficelle is positioned as a sustainable and local actor: the workshop works with local companies, on non relocatable productions. They act in favour of local employment and the relocation of the textile industry.

Our Research & Development department worked with Atelier la Ficelle on the design of the 2nd Life Tote Bag. After several tests, the prototype of the Tote Bag was validated. Then, we went into our wardrobe and found old suits to provide them with the raw material for a first bag production. They are available for sale HERE.


Next step of the project...

Stay tuned! We won't stop here! Who knows, one day you might have your own Tote bag made from your old, unused but unloved wetsuit!



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