Beuchat awarded Best Choice by Apnea Passion magazine


At Beuchat, the quality of our products is essential, that's why we attach great importance to each step of the design and manufacturing process. We are pleased to have been awarded for our efforts. We won Best Choice by Apnea Passion in the Indoor Apnea category with the Zento wetsuit and in the spearfishing category with the Espadon Prestige wetsuit:

« The Beuchat Zento wins the Best Choice by Apneapassion in the Indoor Apnea wetsuits category. The reason for this is that the wetsuit by the French Company, known for the amazing know-how and quality of its wetsuits, be it in the Indoor Apnea/freediving or spearfishing sectors, has designed a wetsuit which excels in every aspectThe cut of the Beuchat Zento has been tested and analyzed by the Indoor Apnea athletes of the Apneapassion International Team, and has been judged as perfect. » 


 « First of all the French wetsuit is by all means the softest externally lined internally open cell neoprene standard wetsuit. The softness of the neoprene and the Ultra-soft Elaskin X 8.8 external lining is unbeatable and makes such wetsuit as soft as smooth-open cell neoprene solutions. » 



Beuchat and wetsuits is a long history which continues at the highest level of the discipline. Beuchat will maintain its commitment while ensuring quality and innovation always remain at the forefront of its priorities.

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