Beuchat regulators : 100% Made in France

Diving / Freediving / Snorkeling

Beuchat is the only brand that imagines, designs, develops and manufactures all its regulators in its factory, in France. Moreover, each regulator manufactured is checked and adjusted.

The design of a regulator begins by writing specifications synthesizing marketing needs and consumers’ expectations collected from consumer’s studies, our own diving center or from our salespeople and retailers all over the world. This marketing document is then transcribed into technical specifications to provide technological solutions to the expected benefits by divers.

Thus begins the development phase, during which Beuchat engineers rely on 3D scanning tools to draw the different parts of the regulator. The prototype of these drawings will be experienced in our hyperbaric bench until it gives complete satisfaction.

Then, some prototypes are produced in order to test it in the sea. Results of these underwater tests will be integrated to produce the final technical specifications and then the production will start.

Production is entirely managed by Beuchat in its factory in Marseille, France. We owe machines to inject different plastic components, and machines for metallic pieces machining for the metallic pieces of the regulator.

Pieces control
Metrology department does a dimension and a profile control of the barely made components. Once passed the test, the pieces are brought to the assembly workshop.

Assembly and final control of the regulator
In the assembly workshop, operators combine manually the regulators. Finally, each product regulator is set and tested on a hyperbaric test bench, operation that will also edit the specific breathing curve of the regulator which will be joined to it.

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