Choosing a suit for spearfishing


A spearfishing suit not only serves to protect the spearfisher from the cold. It can also help you melt into the marine environment. And of course, in addition to providing thermal insulation and camouflage, the suit must be comfortable and flexible.

The water temperature is an important consideration in the choice of a freediving suit. For warm water (>24°C), the special clear bottom Beuchat Mundial Pacific 1.5mm, or the Marlin Elite 1.5mm or 3.5mm suits are all appropriate. For temperate waters (19-24°C), choose a 5mm suit in the Espadon, Rocksea, Rocksea Competition, Espadon Prestige ou Espadon Elite ranges, and the 7mm or 8mm version for cold water.

Spearfishing suits are composed of two pieces: pants with shoulder straps and a top with a hood. The outer layer of these suits may be in jersey (in black or printed to imitate the sea bottom) or smooth. The smooth outer layer gives a great sensation as you slip through the water but being more fragile than jersey, it requires more care during dressing and undressing. Spearfishing suits with open cell interiors ensure a high level of thermal protection, which is useful for hunters that spend long hours in the water, but dressing and undressing can be difficult. Preformed suits such as the Mundial competition, offer even more comfort. Finally, spearfishing suits include reinforcements at chest level especially to cushion the loading of the speargun, and at the elbows and knees for more strength.

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