Choosing fins for freediving


For freediving, choose foot pocket fins with longer blades that are more powerful and extremely efficient. These specific fins are made of materials that may be more or less rigid. Make your choice according to your freediving level, your finstroke capacity and the depth at which you plan to hunt.

If you are new to freediving you will prefer fins with flexible blades such as the Mundial One or the Mundial Sport, which have polymer blades designed for use down to depths of 15m. Mundial Competition polymer fins will enable more advanced freedivers to descend without difficulty to depths of 20m. The most experienced freedivers will choose the Mundial Fibra in fibreglass, while the Mundial Carbone, which has a carbon blade fitted with freedivingguidestabilizers,is recommended for depths greater than 25m.

The energy yielded by the finstroke must also be taken into account when choosing freediving fins: fins with polymer blades yield less energy than fins made of glass fibre or carbon.

Foot pocket fins should be tried on while standing, and if you choose in addition to wear a neoprene sock to protect you from the cold, then you should opt for one size bigger than your normal size.

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