Disinfection products and precautions for use


Precautions to be taken for disinfection procedure:

    • Wear gloves, a mask covering the nose and mouth and protective eyewear.
    • Clean the item (by brushing with soapy water) prior to disinfection.
    • Check that the disinfectant chosen is a bactericidal, fungicidal AND virucidal product - European Standard EN 14476.
    • Mix the solution in a well-ventilated space.
    • Use clean AND cold water (so as not to alter the active ingredient).
    • Make sure to correctly dose the disinfectant product.
    • Do not combine several different solutions as they are not usually compatible together.
    • Avoid splashes, do not spray the solution on the skin.
    • Disinfect an item unitarily, otherwise certain places may remain untreated following the accumulation of several products coming into contact.

Please note: It is imperative not to confuse cleaning and disinfection, cleaning (soapy water, brushing, etc.) removes dirt but does not disinfect.

Disinfectant products:

We recommend that you choose disinfectants that are not harmful to marine life.

Medical institutions of reference (WHO, EPA, etc.) recommend using the following solutions to disinfect surfaces, which are compatible with the materials used in diving products (plastic, rubber, neoprene, metal, etc.):

  • Bleach (sodium hypochlorite): Dosage 0.1% for an immersion time of at least 15 minutes. Rinse the item after 30 minutes maximum. If necessary, first test on a non-visible surface.
  • Quaternary ammonium cations (quats)-based products: See dosage and immersion time in the instruction leaflet.
  • Hydrogen peroxide-based products: Applicable as a spray, therefore ineffective on the internal or more difficult to reach parts of an item. Please note: Not to be used on textiles (textile or neoprene harness, suit, hood, gloves, slippers, booties, bags, etc.).

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