Each spearfishing technique its own speargun !


There are several spearfiching techniques, each with its own level of difficulty, its own location and its own equipment. We tell you everything!


The Indian spearfishing

The Indian spearfishing is the most popular technique for beginners in underwater hunting because it is practiced in very little water, but it is also a fishing technique that is favoured by the most experienced hunters, who have refined their techniques over many years. This technique consists of pulling the fish encountered on the fly and requires good reflexes.

Fish have the ability to react faster than humans. It can disappear with a flick of its tail. The key words in this spearfiching technique are anticipation and knowledge of the environment. Anticipation because you must always be ready to shoot, with the speargun pointed in front of you or where a fish could appear. And knowledge of the environment because you have to know how to recognise the species so as not to shoot at a protected species or a fish that is too small.

Locations: This technique is practised on the rocks or in very little water; where there are algae and mosses, as the fish will not see you coming. It can also be practised along rock faces but requires more training in apnea because it is necessary to descend to a depth of around 10m.

Type of spearguns: Choose a handy speargun, for example a 25mm diameter speargun like the Arka Competition, with a light arrow (6 to 6.7mm). The length of the speargun should be chosen according to the visibility and the search for the right compromise between length and handling.

For the beginner, we recommend a speargun between 70 and 90 cm.



Underwater hole hunting

Also favoured by novices, this technique consists in going to look for the fish in its shelter. For this practice, it is necessary to approach the hole from above or from the side because the fish will flee from the front. You must be sure of the species to be able to anticipate the reaction of your prey.

It is also a very common technique in underwater hunting competitions.

Locations: Hole hunting is practised where fish take shelter and rest, i.e. on rocks or along a dyke.

Type of speargun: Remember to choose the right speargun in terms of length for what you want to hunt (power) and the terrain (manoeuvrability) with a strong arrow, minimum 6.5mm in diameter.



Underwater sinking hunt

The hunter spots his prey from the surface. He silently moves in on it. This requires a clean, splash-free duck and a quick, extremely discreet descent.

Locations: This spearfishing technique is practiced in places deeper than 5m to avoid being spotted by the fish. A good apnea and a good technique is required.

Type of speargun: A long speargun will be more accurate. A 90 cm crossbow is the best choice.



Spearfishing with agachon or stalking

With this spearfishing technique, you don't go looking for the fish but wait for it to come to you. How do you do it? The hunter must position himself on a zone where the fish is passing by, close to an inhabited area, or to a fish spotted on the surface. You must be far enough away not to frighten the fish, but close enough to arouse its curiosity. As fish are curious animals, you have to wait for the fish to come towards the hunter before shooting.

This is an extremely complex technique because it requires the hunter to have excellent apnea to be able to stay posted long enough. The hunter must also maintain self-control so as not to frighten the fish.

Locations: Agachon spearfiching is done on the bottom.

Type of speargun: A sufficiently powerful speargun should be chosen in relation to the range required and taking into account the visibility of the hunting area.



Spearfishing in the open water

This technique consists of spearfishing in deep water. This is where the big fish are caught. The hunter must be in good physical condition and have a thorough knowledge of the area, the weather and the currents in order to fish with this technique.

Locations: Off the coast

Types of crossbow: For more precision and power, long spearguns (1m minimum) with fittings for this type of hunting (reel, swivel, ...) are preferred.


Chasse à l'agachon











Precision for the types of crossbows:

The type and length of the speargun is not only determined by the technique you are going to practice, but also by the type of background, visibility and other elements, so our generic advice can be nuanced according to the situation.

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Safety advice and regulations :

  • Never go hunting alone.
  • Don't shoot blind.
  • Get away from people.
  • Unload your speargun as soon as you leave the water.
  • Do not shoot at protected species, undersized fish or pregnant females.
  • Find out about underwater hunting regulations in your area.

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