Almost 30 years separate these two pictures...

If I had to describe one of the secrets for longevity in underwater spearfishing, it would probably be the use of robust, tried-and-tested products, which is what Beuchat has been doing since 1934. Of course products have evolved a lot between the 1990 Mundial wetsuit and today’s Prestige and that’s for our improved comfort, both on the technical side and in terms of materials used, but the permanent feature in Beuchat’s material is that it’s the result of some of the most efficient research and development. Wetsuits are designed by passionate people like us, for us. Being a total fan of this brand, the quality, comfort and isothermal features of Beuchat’s wetsuits have helped me to progress since I started until they became a “second skin” that now keeps me warm at all times during my long spearfishing sessions.”

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