EXPERIENCE SHARING : Marlin Revo-Concept @EricGérault


When I go spearfishing in Brittany, my region, I adjust my technique and choose diving areas depending on the season and conditions of the sea.

At the end of the mild season, when autumn approaches, the Northern coast of the Finistère area has great spots to go looking for pollocks or sea bass where the water is often clearer than in the goulet de Brest. The most used techniques are the glide and long silent hunting in areas rich in kelp near sandbars. In this case I usually choose a big speargun and the Marlin Revo concept 105cm is a superb speargun that allows for great comfort of shooting that I really appreciate, especially when the fish is a difficult one. Its super power, balance and ease of handling allow me to secure precise shooting which would be hard to get with a classic speargun.

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