Fausto Firreri: the new Paralympic world record in extreme linear apnea


At an altitude of 2,019 metres in Lake Lod at Chamois in the heart of the majestic Valle d'Aosta mountains, Fausto Firreri, a brave freediver equipped by Beuchat, achieved an extraordinary exploit. He free-dived a distance of 30 metres under a thick layer of ice to set a new Paralympic world record for extreme linear freediving under ice.

The highlight of this adventure began when Fausto Firreri approached Lake Lod. Arriving at around 10.25am, after an hour's mental preparation in a room heated especially for the event, Fausto made his way to the departure point in his JoB handicapped wheelchair. After a few minutes of concentration, he approached the departure hole, ready to take on the exciting challenge that awaited him under the ice.

The challenge lasted less than a minute, an intense adventure in the silence between the start and the finish line. Fausto covered 30 metres in freezing water, with reduced visibility, under a blanket of glistening snow and multi-layered ice.

Award-winning underwater photographers Ilaria Mariagiulia Rizzuto and Pietro Formis captured every moment of this extraordinary adventure, staying under the frozen surface of the lake for over an hour to immortalise the highlights of this feat.

Proud to support athletes such as Fausto Firreri, Beuchat expresses its proud belief in him and its commitment to support him in future adventures. Congratulations to Fausto for pushing his own limits and inspiring all those who dream of daring challenges.

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