Guillaume Ruoppolo

Guillaume Ruoppolo

#Diving #Freediving



Hello Beuchat ! 

My name is Guillaume Ruoppolo, I live in France, I am a photographer and cinematographer and I do diving and freediving!


Where does my passion for the sea come from ? 

I come from a family of Neapolitan shipwrights who created "La Barque Marseillaise". It is naturally that I turned to the sea as my father had done before me when he became world champion of underwater photography.

I started diving when I was three and a half years old. For my 14th birthday, my father gave me my first underwater camera, and since then the image is viscerally inside me.


My first Beuchat gear ?

Oupssss it goes back so far!


My favourite Beuchat equipment ? 

The Mundial mask of course !!! I also love the neoprene range.


My action for the sea ? 

I am used to picking up waste during my many trips to the sea.


Sports practiced : Diving and freediving

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