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Do you want to discover the sea bed in all simplicity? Snorkelling, also known as snorkelling or aquatic walking, allows you to observe the aquatic world from the surface thanks to your fins, mask and snorkel (FMS) kit. In temperate and warm waters alike, there are many remarkable underwater landscapes at shallow depths. They can be seen by swimming on the surface of the water. Snorkeling is accessible to anyone who can swim and does not require any specific training. However, the choice of equipment should not be neglected. In order to maximise your safety, pleasure and comfort, certain accessories are essential for this practice. Here are some tips on how to create the ideal snorkelling kit for yourself.


The mask

The snorkeling mask is the most important piece of equipment for snorkeling. It must provide optimal vision underwater with the widest possible angle of view. We recommend two types of products for this purpose:

- The single-beam mask

- The facial mask

The single lens mask (or single lens mask) maximises visual comfort during a snorkelling trip thanks to its wide field of vision. For the skirt, choose a silicone skirt, which is more flexible and comfortable than a rubber skirt. The silicone skirt will fit more easily around your face, making it more comfortable. The colour of the skirt should also be taken into account. A clear or transparent skirt will let in more light and widen your field of vision, which is preferable for a water-based activity.

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The facial mask, which covers the entire face, offers a 180° panoramic view.

It also meets the challenge of being able to breathe naturally underwater through the nose or mouth. This unique feature makes snorkelling even more accessible.

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Our tip: For those with sight problems, we have exactly what you need. Dual lens masks, such as the X-Contact 2, can be fitted with corrective lenses to ensure that you don't miss out on the underwater spectacle.

If you are not sure which mask to choose, read our article "HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR DIVING MASK".

The snorkel for breathing on the surface

The snorkel is the complementary piece to the diving mask. It allows the snorkeler to enjoy the sea bed in a comfortable way, without having to lift his head to breathe regularly. The term "snorkeling" comes from the name "snorkel".

The snorkel must meet certain criteria:

- Have a deflector at the end of the snorkel: this part allows to better direct the expulsion of water, and to avoid in return the infiltration of water due to a rough sea

- Have a purge: the purge is located at the level of the mouthpiece, and will allow water to be evacuated from the bottom. This system is more comfortable and requires less effort from the snorkeler to expel the water stored in the snorkel.

Your snorkel should also fit you. The mouthpiece of your snorkel should be as close as possible to your body shape and not strain your jaw muscles. To optimise your comfort, choose a soft silicone mouthpiece. In addition, there are several sizes and widths, the larger and wider the snorkel, the greater the air volume. This varies according to the lung capacity of each individual.

To enjoy a family snorkel in complete safety, use snorkels specially designed for children. From the age of 12, teenagers can use adult snorkels.

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The snorkeling fins

Fins are essential for snorkelling! Thanks to them, you can move around on the surface more quickly, but above all you save your strength.

Comfort and efficiency are the words to keep in mind when making your choice. For the comfort of the foot, the shoe fins, with an anatomical shoe, are ideal to support without tightening. They should be tried on standing up, and if you choose to wear a neoprene sock as well, you should go one size up from your usual size.

Adjustable fins are very advantageous for recreational use and have the advantage of being able to cover several sizes, which is an interesting feature, especially for children who are growing. When trying them on, always standing, the heel should not protrude more than 5 cm.

Regarding efficiency, the fins should be flexible or semi-rigid, with a full medium-sized blade (between 40 and 60 cm). You must be able to go fast without putting too much strain on your leg muscles.

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The snorkeling wetsuit

In order to make the pleasure last, it is essential to have protection to stay in the water longer. Indeed, to maintain its temperature in contact with the water, the body expends a lot of energy. A neoprene wetsuit helps to conserve heat. It should fit as snugly as possible while remaining comfortable. You can choose between a neoprene shorty, an anti-UV top or a full neoprene suit.

The wetsuit or snorkeling top will also protect you from the sun. Indeed, the reverberation is important on the surface of the water. During an aquatic walk, the exposure of the skin to the sun's rays, particularly on the back, is multiplied. A high sun protection top, thanks to its technical material which protects against 98% of UV rays (high UV protection index UPF 50+) is designed to block UV rays and will avoid you a painful sunburn.

- For water above 25°C: opt for a neoprene top or lycra which have the advantage of being UV resistant and guarantee 100% protection against the sun's rays.

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- For water temperatures between 20°C and 25°C: opt for a 2/3 mm thick neoprene shorty or a 2/3 mm full wetsuit that will protect you from the cold and the sun.

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Although snorkeling is open to a wide range of people, it is not without risks. That's why Beuchat offers the Beuchat Restube Snorkeling, a buoy that inflates automatically when a handle is activated in case of trouble. This device allows the inflation of a buoy that allows the snorkeler to lean on it and float in case of need.

In addition, signalling one's position on the surface with a floating object can be useful, for example to be visible to boats. A brightly coloured buoy will catch the eye. For this, opt for the round buoy.

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Admiring the beauty of the underwater world also requires taking care of it. At Beuchat, we are committed to the preservation of the environment, which is why we created the Clean Up Bag, which allows you to collect the waste you encounter in the water while enjoying your favourite sport.

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