How to maintain your neoprene wetsuit?


The flexibility and waterproofness of your neoprene wetsuit are essential to your comfort and safety underwater. It protects you from the cold and possibly from stinging contact with the underwater landscape and its flora and fauna. To maintain it properly, it is important to follow certain recommendations.

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After each dive, we recommend that you rinse your wetsuit with fresh, cold water to remove sand and dirt and to protect the neoprene from the salt. To do this, soak it in a basin or give it a good shower! Remember to rinse the inside and outside!

Neoprene wetsuits should also be washed regularly, especially before being stored for a winter period. In this case we recommend cleaning them with a suitable detergent or Marseille soap: this will eliminate micro-organisms from the marine environment. It is best to wash them in a basin or bathtub with a little detergent and cold or barely warm water, then rinse with clean water.

Zips can be cleaned with a toothbrush and oiled with a suitable lubricant. For wetsuits with Tizip fasteners, such as the Iceberg Pro Dry wetsuit, please refer to the zipper care instructions supplied with your suit. Neoprene snags can be repaired with a dot of neoprene glue.

We recommend that you do not wash your wetsuit in the washing machine and certainly not use the spin function!

Next, be careful not to dry your wetsuit in the sun! UV rays will discolour it and the neoprene will lose its elasticity. The ideal is to leave it in a room heated to about 20°C, by a space heater or a radiator. For optimal drying, remember to air the room well and dry the inside and outside of your wetsuit.

Once completely dry, store your neoprene wetsuit away from light and sunlight, in a temperate place, and especially away from any heat source.

To avoid damage, leave your suit on a hanger and unfolded to preserve the shape of the garment and the structure of the neoprene. If you store your suit flat, do not put anything on top of it. Also avoid leaving it in your dive bag for too long.

A well-maintained wetsuit will last you a long time on your many underwater explorations!

This advice also applies to neoprene accessories, underwear, balaclavas, gloves, booties or slippers, as well as to your masks, snorkels and fins!

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