How to put on a spearfishing wetsuit?


A wetsuit is not like any other neoprene suit, as it is usually made of split neoprene.

What is split neoprene?

When neoprene is manufactured, it is moulded in the form of a mattress, which is then split into slices (hence the name split neoprene). This raw material has the characteristic of adhering to the skin.

For example, we usually use split neoprene for the inside of our spearfishing wetsuits. The advantage for the practitioner is that by adhering to the skin this split neoprene limits enormously the entry and circulation of water inside the suit. Limiting water entry offers the underwater hunter better thermal comfort. Thus equipped, he will be able to stay in the water longer and perform better.

However, this split neoprene inside means that some precautions must be taken when dressing, as split neoprene is very fragile and sticks to the skin.


Putting on method

To prevent the split neoprene from sticking to your skin, we recommend that you put on your wetsuit with soapy water.

A little comfort tip: use lukewarm water! It will be more confortable to get dressed on the boat or on the beach in the middle of winter.


Putting on trousers or overalls :

Pour soapy water into your wetsuit bottoms, blocking the ends. While continuing to block all the ends of the garment, shake to distribute the soapy water inside. You can then simply put on your trousers. The split neoprene, thus moistened with soapy water, will slide over your skin.


Putting on the jacket :

Using the same principle, pour soapy water inside the jacket and sleeves, blocking the ends, then shake. To put on your jacket, start with your arms, then put your head on and finally slide the jacket down your torso.


Handling Precautions :

As mentioned above, in addition to sticking to the skin, split neoprene is very fragile.

When handling and putting on your wetsuit, make sure you do not cut into your split neoprene with your fingernails, either on your feet or hands.

To position your suit correctly, we recommend that you do not pull directly on the split neoprene side. Instead, handle your wetsuit on the side covered by jersey fabric.











Try on a wetsuit at home

You have just received your new wetsuit, now it is time to try it on to make sure that the size and cut suit you. You may have found a small packing slip in your parcel, if not here it is:












At home, try on your suit in the shower, using a neutral ph soap.

Wet and soap yourself, then moisten the suit. Put on the trousers, then the jacket, starting with your arms, then your head and finally your chest. Gradually slide the garment against your skin.

During the handling and the fitting the biggest risk is to make a snag in the suit with the nails, for that some shops provide gloves but to go with softness while avoiding to plant the nails and to pull hard on the suit is enough not to damage it.

Now you are dressed, all you have to do is check that the size and cut are right for your body type!

If the size of the wetsuit does not suit you, make sure you dry it inside out and out of the sun before sending it back to us.

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