Ilaria Mariagiulia Rizzuto & Pietro Formis

Ilaria Mariagiulia Rizzuto & Pietro Formis

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Hi Beuchat!

Our names are Pietro Formis and Ilaria Mariagiulia Rizzuto, we are underwater photographers, we practice scuba diving and freediving and we live in Italy.

Where does our passion for the sea come from?

Pietro: I've been in love with the sea since I was very young, but my passion has developed since I started photographing the wonderful underwater world.

Ilaria: I've always been fascinated by the sea and its biodiversity. I practised several water sports, which led me to become a certified scuba diver and then a freediver.

My first Beuchat equipment?

Pietro: Mundial One fins

Ilaria: The Maxlux mask

My favourite Beuchat equipment?

Pietro: My Focea Comfort, comfortable and warm

Ilaria: My Zento wetsuit

What do you do to protect the sea?

Pietro: I try to connect people with the sea through my photos, showing the beauty but also the suffering of marine life and the oceans.

Ilaria: To encourage awareness and appreciation of the natural world through underwater photography, capturing the beauty and diversity of the marine environment and encouraging others to respect and protect it.

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Sports practiced : Scuba-diving ; Freediving ; Swim

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