Mathieu Ferreira

Mathieu Ferreira




Hi Beuchat,

My name is Mathieu Ferreira, I live in Marseille in France and I'm an experienced spearfishing diver.

Where does your passion for the sea come from?

I come from a family of fishing enthusiasts: my grandfather, my father, my brother and now me. My beloved mother used to prepare fresh fish for us with love and tenderness. For the Ferreira family, it's more than a passion, it's a way of life.


My first Beuchat equipment?

My first equipment was a Beuchat carbon Pedro carbonel 90 crossbow.

Favourite Beuchat equipment:

My crossbow: Hero 90 carbon

Choose your diving equipment from what you already have :

My libeccio elite fins , my trigoblack wetsuit, ... very hard as a choice 

What type of spearfishing do you do?

I mainly practice Indian spearfishing, but I adapt according to the conditions...

What are your records?

    • A bass weighing 11.8kg. I love labrax. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start spearfishing?

Spearfishing has to be done with a partner for greater safety, and I'd advise young spearfishers to try and join a spearfishing club so that they can learn and progress in complete safety.

1 action for the sea (that you're used to doing, or that you support):

I have my own association called Les pêcheurs du coeur (fishermen from the heart): I help the most vulnerable people through the sea, I invented solidarity recycling (which consists of recovering used diving suits destined to be thrown away to make carpets and pillows for homeless people) to keep them out of the cold. With my partner Beuchat, we also invented an underwater fishing suit for disabled people.

Do you have an anecdote? 

I have several...

I was at the palliative care centre with Doctor Lapiana to prepare a project. Suddenly, a patient came up to me and asked, "Are you the fisherman? "I replied "yes". He replied, "You're the fisherman from the heart". Since that meeting, I've decided to call my association "the fishermen from the heart", because I'm not the only one doing the projects - I've got a great team!

"Les pêcheurs du coeur" page : FACEBOOK LES PECHEURS DU COEUR

Sports practiced : Spearfishing

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