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Min A Kim




Hi Beuchat!       

My name is Min A Kim, I live in the Republic of Korea. I am so passionate about diving and the sea, that I have made it my profession. I am a diving instructor.


Where does my passion for the sea come from?

When you were in your mother's womb, did you feel the same as I did in the ocean, as if the water embraced my whole body with warmth and softness? When I immerse myself in the sea, I hear nothing but my own breathing and I can concentrate entirely on myself. Moreover, I never know what scenes will come to me.

I think we can only enjoy these beautiful moments when the ocean allows us to. Marine life is always so amazing that it keeps me humble. I get my energy from the sea and it has changed my whole life.


My favourite Beuchat gear?

My Maxlux S mask and without hesitation my Iceberg Pro Dry wetsuit


What do you do for the sea?

I dive more than 3 days a week. Every time I go to the sea, I carry a mesh bag in my wetsuit to collect waste during the dive. I often post pictures of the net full of waste on Instagram and share with many people. As a passionate diver and nature lover, I feel a strong sense of responsibility for its protection. That's why I try to clean up the ocean and raise awareness of its importance through my social networks

Sports practiced : Diving

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