Nathalie Ramirez

Nathalie Ramirez

#Snorkeling #Freediving



Hello Beuchat ! 

My name is Nathalie Ramirez, I live on San Andres island in Colombia. I am passionate about snorkeling, free diving and diving! I also love kitesurfing! 


Where does my passion for the sea come from ?

I grew up in an island in the Caribbean sea, my father has always loved the ocean since he grew up here in the island to, so when I was little he used to take me snorkeling every Sunday. I can’t even remember the first time I wear a mask hahaha, is so natural to me like pants. Because of that, my favorite activity in my life is going into the ocean and see the fishes and animals swimming.


My favourite Beuchat equipment ?

My favourite Beuchat equipment is the Maxlux S masks for sur !


An action for the sea ?

Me and my friends do beach clean ups, I also educate people through my instagram account.


Sports practiced : Freediving, Snorkeling, Diving and Kitesurfing

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