• To enjoy and protect the sea

    To enjoy and protect the sea

    Our passion, our brand and our products are inspired by the marvellous but fragile universe that is the sea. However, the underwater world is not just a theatre where we can pursue our dreams. The sea plays a fundamental role in the balance of our eco-systems, so it was natural that Beuchat would always regard a commitment to eco-responsibility, in the conservation and protection of our oceans, as self-evident.

    This approach is materialised by the measures taken within our company and through our support for specialised outside stakeholders who adhere to our own environmental standards.
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  • Suits


    All our patterns are styled in our design office in Marseilles by our team of designers and pattern-cutters. French expertise in this area is acknowledged all around the world. Our exclusive patterns play a vital role in the comfort and performance of our suits, and thus make an important contribution to their quality.
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our latest success

  • Beuchat 2nd Life : The upcycling !

    Every year, tons of used neoprene suits become non-recyclable waste. Indeed, neoprene clothing wears out, tears, cannot be repaired and is therefore no longer effective for diving and snorkelling activities...  Although our wetsuits are made from eco-friendly neoprene derived from limestone, neoprene waste is not recyclable and takes thousands of years to disintegrate. Living and preserving the sea are the values that drive us every day. We have been looking for a way to...
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  • Freediving: the different disciplines

    The history of snorkelling is closely linked to the history of mankind, for until the arrival and advent of the scuba era, man dived to collect the treasures of the sea and to feed himself. Culturally linked to the Asian peoples, it was rediscovered in France during the wars, mainly for food purposes through underwater fishing. However, freediving has since created an identity of its own A multi-faceted practice, it has been...
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  • Each spearfishing technique its own speargun !

    There are several spearfiching techniques, each with its own level of difficulty, its own location and its own equipment. We tell you everything!     The Indian spearfishing The Indian spearfishing is the most popular technique for beginners in underwater hunting because it is practiced in very little water, but it is also a fishing technique that is favoured by the most experienced hunters, who have refined their techniques over many years....
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Innovation by Beuchat

Innovation is a founding value of the Beuchat brand. Georges Beuchat was a prolific inventor who made his eponymous company into a pioneer of underwater sports, in particular through two major innovations: the underwater speargun in 1947 and above all the isothermal wetsuit in 1953. This second invention was truly revolutionary, inducing huge growth in all underwater activities and laying the foundations that have allowed Beuchat to become today’s benchmark brand in thermal protection.

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