How to disinfect diving instruments and accessories


The instruments (computer, depth gauge, etc.) and accessories (knife, belt, weights, etc.) are all items that need to be disinfected, as they can also come into contact with other elements in the car or on the boat.

We recommend that they be disinfected, especially if you have lent them out, even occasionally.

Disinfectant products & precautions for use - click on this link:

Before immersion, take the knife out of its sheath and fully unfold the surface marker.

Completely immerse your instruments and accessories in the solution for the time indicated on the disinfectant product.

For the inflatable buoy, deflate it and close the plug, remove the flag and fully immerse all the elements (line, snap hook, flag, whistle, fish holder, etc.). 

On the belt, make sure that you slide the weights along the belt one by one, to ensure that the entire surface is disinfected.

For instruments with a bracelet, wriggle the buckle.

After immersion, rinse with clean, cold water and allow to dry in a dry place, out of the sun and not in contact with any other potentially contaminated surface. Put your instruments and accessories away in a bag that will protect them from knocks and any reinfection.

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