How to clean fins, mask and snorkel ?


Fins, the mask and the snorkel are items that are often left in numerous places before use, we therefore recommend complete immersion to disinfect them. Particular attention must be paid to disinfecting the inside of the mask, the snorkel’s mouthpiece and the interior of its tube (exhaled air). 

We recommend that they be disinfected, especially if you have lent them out, even occasionally.

Disinfectant products & precautions for use - click on this link:

Before immersion, if it is attached, separate the snorkel from the mask.

Completely immerse your Fins, mask and snorkel in the solution for the time indicated on the disinfectant product.

On the mask, wiggle the swivel-clasps and the strap. 

For the snorkel, ensure that the solution penetrates the tube and the mouthpiece. If your snorkel has a purge, agitate the snorkel in the solution to operate the purge valve.

After immersion, rinse with clean, cold water and allow to dry in a dry place, out of the sun and not in contact with any other potentially contaminated surface. Put your mask away in a disinfected solid case, your fins and snorkel in a bag that will protect them from knocks and any potential reinfection.

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