How to disinfect your regulator and octopus


The diving regulator is handled using all its constituent parts (hose, 1st stage and 2nd stage); particular attention should be paid to the mouthpiece and the inside of the 2nd stage (exhaled air). The elements connected to the regulator must undergo similar disinfection (Octopus, Pressure Gauge, Console, Direct-System inflator hose, Depth Gauge, dry-suit inflator Hose, etc.)

We recommend that you disinfect this equipment, especially if it has been lent out, even occasionally, or if you have assisted a diver with your octopus.

Disinfectant products & precautions for use - click on this link:

Before immersion, you must always put the plug for the 1st stage DIN connector or yoke in place to avoid water entering the 1st stage.

Completely immerse your regulator in the solution for the time indicated on the disinfectant product. Wiggle the DIN connector or yoke (without dislodging the plugs), the Venturi and sensitivity settings and turn the 2nd stage on the hose to remove any salt or sand deposits present in the articulations and moving parts.

Please note: Do not operate the purge button on the 2nd stage, this would allow water to enter the 2nd stage valve body.

After immersion, rinse with clean, cold water and allow to dry in a dry place, out of the sun and not in contact with any other potentially contaminated surface. Put your regulator away, for example in a regulator case, that will protect it from knocks and any reinfection.

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