How to disinfect your wet/dry-suit and neoprene accessories


The suit (wet, semi-dry or dry) is a piece of equipment that comes into contact with many other elements (boat, other suits, etc.) during preparation, dressing, the boat ride and upon return from diving, it’s your second skin!

We recommend that it be disinfected, especially if you have lent it out, even occasionally.

Note: Do not put your equipment in the washing-machine at more than 40° (60° is the minimal temperature for disinfection), you risk its deterioration.

Disinfectant products & precautions for use - click on this link:

Before immersion, open the zip fastenings and pockets if your suit has them and turn it inside-out so that the disinfectant solution penetrates the whole suit.

Completely immerse your suit in the solution for the time indicated on the disinfectant product. Slide the zip fastenings up and down several times to ensure that the solution penetrates throughout, in particular in the sleeves and double-sleeves and remove any deposits of salt or sand. On dry clothing, slide the zip fastenings in the same manner and operate the adjustable purge.

After immersion, rinse with clean, cold water and allow to dry in a dry place, out of the sun and not in contact with any other potentially contaminated surface. Put your suit away in a previously disinfected bag that will protect it from any potential reinfection.

Carry out the same procedure for neoprene accessories: undersuit, hood, gloves, booties or socks.

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