How to fix a neoprene wetsuit?


Did you get a tear in your wetsuit during your last session? Don't worry, your wetsuit is not ruined and will surely be able to accompany you for many more dives.

Let's fix this together ! 

Here are the steps and materials needed to repair your snag and extend the life of your wetsuit.


The necessary material

  •   Neoprene glue
  •   Brush
  •   A timer
  •   A weight

The steps

Step 1: Take your paintbrush and spread glue on the bristles of the brush

Step 2: Crease the tear in your wetsuit to allow access to the inside of the tear

Step 3: Paint the inside of the snag with your brush soaked in neoprene glue

Step 4: Place the weight so that the two sides of the hook do not touch and wait 10 minutes

Step 5: Press both sides of the hook lengthwise to close it.

The steps to fix its own neoprene wetsuit












Your snag is fixed! You can go in the water! And don't forget, Enjoy and Protect the Sea means taking care of your equipment and repairing it as much as possible!

Our advices to maintain your neoprene wetsuit

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